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    For high school groups and college groups with adult supervision, your group needs to have at least one leader of each gender represented in your group (with the exception of adult leaders bringing their own children). For high school and younger groups, we recommend a leader/student ratio of 5 to 1, but that is a guideline, not a requirement.
  • These could include physical or mental health issues, dietary requirements, strong allergies, or other similar issues. Our regular dorm space is not handicap-accessable at this time, but accommodations can often be made.
  • Arrival

    We recommend that you arrive between 1:00 PM and 5:00 PM when possible (any time is workable, though). This will give you some time to explore and get used to your surroundings. Most of our visitors find street-side parking. We recommend $15/day parking in a local parking garage for smaller vehicles (experience has proved that anything taller than a mini-van will not fit!). If you are coming in by plane or train, we can arrange for pick up or help your group navigate the CTA’s (Chicago Transit Authority) train and bus system (yet another learning experience to add to your trip!).

    Our current rate for room and board is $50 per person per night. Please, do not send deposit until your dates have been confirmed. Once your dates have been confirmed, please send your deposit right away. We will hold your dates for up to one month after confirmation, awaiting your deposit. If we have not received your deposit by the end of that month, we may schedule another group for those dates and you may need to reschedule. The deposit will be subtracted from your payment. Please plan to make total payment on or before the day of your arrival. Deposits are not refundable. Please make checks payable to: Jesus People USA. Please send checks to: JPUSA Group Missions 920 W. Wilson Ave. Chicago, IL 60640
  • Note: The deposit is per group (not per person).
  • Please feel free to call us @ 331.308.2757 with any additional information or if you have any questions.